Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grown Folks Coffeehouse Building to Be Replaced by 4-Story Structure?

I have not been diligent about combing through all my DPD mails. And I haven't noticed a proposed land use action sign at the site. Anyone know what's up with this?

Looks like there's a city meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m., and the design proposal will be made available then. Anyone plan to go? I may go.

Four stories seems out of scale with the surrounding one-story area -- I certainly hope the plan isn't for four ugly stories.

Design Review, Early Design Guidance Meeting for a four story, 18 unit residential building with 3,700 sq. ft. of retail located at grade. Parking for 15 vehicles to be located within the structure. Existing building to be demolished.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
4878 Beacon Ave S
Design Proposal available at review meeting
Reviewer: Southeast Design Review Board
Review Meeting: 6:30 PM, Rainier Vista Neighborhood House (see notice)
Review Phase: EDG--Early Design Guidance
Project Number: 3009384 (see permit status)
Planner: Holly Godard


tlp said...

I just made it there today (urban hike from the valley up the Chief Sealth trail), and noticed the DPD sign out front. Actually, I know the sign has been there a couple of weeks, but when I'm in the car, I can't read those little yellow signs.

A couple of comments:
1. The coffee is excellent, well worth the hike from 44th and graham. I will add it to my circuit of long walks punctuated by coffee shops.
2. I'm sad to think they'll get displaced by construction, but I do think 4 stories with some residential + retail is probably a good thing for that intersection. If only it was at the dry cleaner site instead!!

Welcome Grown Folks - I'm glad to have you!!

Anonymous said...

hate to see little local business displaced but that intersection needs something. agree on the drycleaner site; (and add the Fou Lee Market misery to that) I'm sure its so toxic it would be years before anything could be built there.

Anonymous said...

I welcome redevelopment to that intersection also. But 4-stories is too high, I believe. There is nothing higher than 2 stories anywhere nearby. How you'd like to live due east of the proposed bldg? As for Fou Lee Market - I prefer them to Seattle Market across the street.

Anonymous said...

I stopped in at Grown Folks Coffee early this morning and asked them about this latest development. They are counting on the planning, development and permit process to take a very long time - years. They said (I might not be totally accurate on this one) the first design was rejected so now it all goes back to the beginning phase. Anyway, they are safe for now. Please stop in and support them if you haven’t done so already. I’m so glad they are part of our community. I’ll certainly be spending more time there when the dark days of winter are upon us.

Anonymous said...

That's great news about Grown Folks - I've been by there several times. Everyone is nice and they make a great sandwich.

While I'd welcome something new at that corner, a four-story building would only add to the traffic nightmare at that intersection. Seriously, I hold my breath every time I have to cross that intersection as a pedestrian and I become an instant Catholic whenever I get stuck at the second light.

Wendi Dunlap said...

If there is any place in that vicinity where a 4 story building is warranted, it is right there at Columbian and Beacon. Some density on that corner would be ideal. It's not a terribly long walk to the light rail...

Anonymous said...

Most of the mixed use buildings that i've really admired as attractive space are 4 stories and they've seemed to blend in well in neighborhoods like Queen Anne and West Seattle (some, not all of them). It might seem out of place on Beacon Hill because we don't have anything like it. Change happens and while it can't be stopped, you can help shape it. Provide input, push for something attractive and really urge consideration of traffic mitigation. The sad part is that the development will probably take several years as a previous comment said.

Anonymous said...

It is not a convenient walk to light rail from that intersection! I've been walking to work for years and (still relatively young) it takes me 25 minutes to get from Beacon/Columbian to the Red Apple. I highly doubt any of my older neighbors are going to make that kind of a hike to take the rail.

Sure, one could catch the light rail down on MLK and Alaska - it's an easy 15 minute walk downhill, but coming back again is another uphill challenge, NOT TO MENTION the danger of cars whipping down that curving hill.

No on this development - there are some bald patches of property to be filled in in NORTH Beacon Hill, right on the rail line! Put it there. Hells yeah, NIMBY.

tlp said...

Its funny people's reaction to finding out about what's allowed near their home. We actually sought out an NC2-40 zone to live near to because it is the best of the commercial zones in this town. Not too big, and quite restrictive about the scale of both the commercial and residential development. It called "neighborhood commercial" for a reason. We are 2 lots away (thats 100 feet) from the zone on one side, and about 50 feet on another. And I would shout HALLELUJAH! if the vacant lot at Rainier and Graham were to be developed.

Check out the building at 29th Ave S and S. Jackson, as that is the type of massing and mix of resid/comm. allowed. It is also a similar topography, a little lower than the surrounding houses. There is also a very nice building at McClellan and Mt. Baker Blvd, albeit 3 stories (its also in an NC1-30 zone). And just down the hill at Rainier Vista (MLK & Alaska) are several 4 story buildings that, while not my favorite, can't be called ugly.

One thing that continues to surprise me about Beacon Hill is how very lowrise it is, especially along Beacon Avenue. Anywhere else in the city and the houses would be up to the single family height limit, which is approx. 30 feet. Take a look at Hunter Blvd in Mt. Baker for what could happen over time.

And finally, please don't say that everything in the vicinity is 1-story. There is that huge, honking institution called the VA Hospital that looms over that intersection that is at least 8 stories tall.

Actually that wasn't my last word. It will take years for this to happen. and in the meantime, I hope Grown Folks gets lots of customers, becomes extraordinarily successful, and buys a commercial condo in the bottom of the new building, all while opening up a new location at the corner of Graham and Beacon.