Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Complain About the #36 Passing You By

Aimee Curl at the Seattle Weekly complained today that the #36 has passed her by two weeks in a row, and this time she and the other passengers had to wait nearly half an hour in 20-degree weather.

One reader commented that she should file an online complaint about the service on the #36 route.

Since there's nothing I love as much as an online complaint form (except, perhaps, whining about the #36), I'll share the link with you all. Let's all file complaints when the #36 passes us by. Try to provide the stop location, time, direction, and bus unit # if you have it.

Metro online complaint form

I'm not sure it'll do any good, but they might at least be forced to keep track of all the complaints somewhere.

I haven't seen any mention of them in their ridiculous annual reports, none of which correlate any rider-focused metrics (such as number of skipped passengers, timeliness of service, number of assaults) to specific routes. But at least we'll know in our hearts that the data exists somewhere.


Unknown said...

What stop is this from? I've never had a 36 pass me by (I take it every single day), is she making sure she's actually at the stop and visible?

One thing I learned long ago, adopt a bus zen attitude: You are never late for the bus, you're simply early for the next one!

JvA said...

The southbound bus has passed me by multiple times in the evening, after it picks up the Little Saigon passengers but before the big McClellan dump.