Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elandan Gardens (3/24/07)

Elandan Gardens is one of my favorite places in Washington. They specialize in bonsai, which is not particularly interesting to me, but the site itself and the overall garden design are phenomenal.

When you drive in, you have to slow down to miss the Buddha head in the road. It's your first sign that this place moves at a much different pace than the highway you just turned off of.

Before we go into the garden itself, let's bum around the parking lot area and look at plants they have for sale, rock sculptures that they're working on, and other gorgeous things that are lying around here and there.

OK, I'm ready now. Let's give the nice girl $5 and tour the garden.

This one looks like a person to me.

This Sierra Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) dates from 1540.

After leaving Elandan and heading toward Bremerton, we saw a bald eagle (on top of the pylon closest to the water).

And a battleship.


chuck b. said...

Cool pictures. I like those rocks. It would be interesting to see them get cut.

I keep thinking I should get into bonsai now so I can have a cool, lucrative hobby when I'm old.

lisa said...

Hi! I followed Chuck to your blog...LOVE the pics! I'm trying bonsai, but so far it's to the detriment of the plants! :(

JvA said...

Thanks, Lisa! I think you are very brave for even attempting bonsai. Hope Wisconsin warms up for you soon!