Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beacon Hill Photos (3/24/07)

Galaxie's mural of buildings on Beacon Hill.

The TV repair shop sign.

My proscuitto / fig / goat cheese sandwich from Galaxie. Hallelujah.

The entrance to the Beacon Hill library.

The lovely 12th Ave. S. viewpoint.

I love this house that's being built near the 12th Ave. S. viewpoint. Very much.

Aluminum windows, natural wood siding.

Cement pavers in different sizes.

Tall ceilings, a view of Duwamish industry.

Wraparound deck.

Huge eaves.

Honestly, they ought to just give me this place. I can't imagine anyone else appreciating it half as much as I would.


Unknown said...

That house is totally awesome (although, I think it could have been a bit smaller). My wife and I have enjoyed watching them build it over the last year. I just found your blog today, it's good to know there are other out there enjoying the areas beacon hill like I am. We bought a house near Orcas and 23rd in Dec. 05.

JvA said...

That means you're my neighbor! Cool. Join our block watch group: