Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ciscoe Morris's Garden in August

It's been a while since I last visited Ciscoe Morris's garden.

The banana plants look great.












Then we headed to our friends' house for a birthday barbecue.


We stayed until it got dark.


Then, after we'd enjoyed hanging out with flowers and friends and toddlers and birthday cake and kitties, we headed down to one of the rougher bars in the Georgetown area to see a friend's band.


Some motorcycle event was going on.



But these bikers weren't like the espresso-sipping, spacesuit-clad BMW guys who hang out at Smarty Pants. They seemed more like real bikers, like the Harley guys who handled security at the Rolling Stones Altamont show or something.


There was some murmuring about shootouts that other chapters of this club had been involved in. (This rumor seemed all the more exciting when cops paid their second visit to the bar in the space of two hours.)

Later on, when I looked them up online, I found out that other chapters have been involved in two "massacres" in the last year alone. And even the local club has recently been charged with "racketeering, kidnapping, assault, and drug and firearms violations."


I also found out what the "1%" on their jackets means.

Full-patch members wear a diamond-shaped patch that reads "1%." The "1%" symbol is derived from a statement by the American Motorcycle Association that 99 percent of the country's motorcyclists are law-abiding individuals.

Ooh la la!


Anonymous said...

Hey! You HAVE to have taken some better pictures of our yard than that. Our yard is more than that gross old chair and a smoking barbeque! Thank you for coming, though. We truly enjoyed your company, as usual, and will drink the rest of the Lambic today. MMMM.

JvA said...

So, the problem is that whenever I go to your house, I end up pretty much only taking photos of your daughter. Regardless of how great your plants and decking are, she's always going to be the best photo subject for miles around.

Anonymous said...

All of your friends look for their yards in the blog after you come over ... ha ha! -- Pat

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. She is the best lookin' thing on our property, that's for sure.

I just drove by Ciscoe's house. I like whatever those big fluffy white plume-y things are. You have surpassed me in plant identification tenfold.

chuck b. said...

Always love the Cisc.

Bandidos! wtf?! I'm shocked. I thought biker gangs faded faded away in the 1970s. What's the average age of the modern day biker gang member?

Anonymous said...
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