Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Neighborhood Block Party

My little Mid Beacon Hill neighborhood had its first annual Neighborhood Block Party tonight. Lots of people came.


We ate a bunch of food.


The guy in the Utilikilt told me that I looked like a friend of his back in Hungary. So we started talking about living in Eastern Europe, and I found out that a coworker of his in Budapest had been a coworker of mine in Prague.


The band Purdy Mouth (described by Three Imaginary Girls as "Seattle's only gay alt-country band") rocked the block.




The cutest 1-year-old boy in the whole world made an appearance.



"It's not a party till the cops show up."


Some firefighters showed up too, and they told us that our party was better than the Georgetown ones. Thanks, LM, for posing with them! And thanks to you and Rick for talking that nice band into playing for us and for setting up the grills and dealing with the mess and everything. And thanks to Eva for making the signs -- and generally just making the effort with everything -- and thanks to Linda for posting flyers and getting ice and stuff. You guys are the best neighbors!



chuck b. said...

No bandidos?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm even a little jealous. One of the blocks in my own little Mid Beacon Hill 'hood has a block party every year and we're always invited to crash it. It's always a good time.

Also, I know LM -- her son attends Maple with mine and we got to know each other at drop-off/pick-up this past year. She's super awesome.

BTW, is it a requirement that all firemen are hot? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy in the kilt - CJ - and the block party was the COOLEST way to get introduced to my new neighbors! (I only moved in about 2 weeks ago.)

I have finally found a place that feels like "home" to me... Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Carrie in Wenatchee again. I just saw the post above and it jogged my memory, it was Maple I attended and not Columbia.
It was in a very old brick building a few blocks from Cleveland HS which I also attended.

Great pix of your party!