Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grown Folks Coffeehouse Menu

I've only visited Grown Folks once, for a decaf latte right after they opened. I don't think they were serving meals at the time.

But now that I've heard wonderful things about their salad, and I see they have two soups daily plus custom sandwiches, well, I better go there for food soon. You should too.

See their menus and other info at the Grown Folks website.


Anonymous said...

my wife and I have been to Grown Folks twice recently, its our favorite place for coffee on the hill now. It's so nice it almost seems out of place for that intersection, definately worth a try for anyone who hasn't been there yet.

litlnemo said...

I had a sandwich there during one of the debates and it was really good.

chuck b. said...

sounds yummy.