Monday, September 29, 2008

VP Debate Party at Grown Folks

An invitation from your neighbors at Grown Folks:

Since the last debate party at Grownfolks was such a hit, we're going to
have a gathering there for all of the Presidential/VP debates. Hope to see
you this Thursday!

Biden/Palin VP Debate
Watch it at Grownfolks Coffeehouse
Thursday, October 2
5:30 - 7:30

Grownfolks Coffeehouse
4878 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, 98144

Beer, Wine, Coffee, Sodas, Juice, Sandwiches and Salads will be for sale
Plenty of on site parking.
Take the #36 if you're going by bus

Grownfolks is a great coffeehouse and restaurant with two flatscreen tv's on
which we can all watch Thursday's debate. Bring the kids, have some snacks
and grab a beer. It's going to be a relaxed and fun neighborhood evening.

Who Cleans Up Used Needles Near Grade Schools?

No one. A neighbor wrote to the Slumberland mailing list:

While waiting for the bus this morning (9-29-08) I saw an uncapped hypodermic needle laying on the grass at the 14th Ave S and S Hill bus stop. This bus stop is across the street from Beacon Hill International School.

I asked the bus driver to report the needle to Metro. When I got to my office I called the non-emergency police line, they said they would not stop by to pick it up nor could they do anything unless there was active drug activity. The officer referred me to the Health Dept, who also said they would not pick it up but suggested I dispose of it myself (no thank you). Sooooo after three reports (Metro, SPD, and Seattle Health) I do not know if the needle will be properly picked up and disposed. If any of you know who to call in the City please email me separately, this is not the first time I have seen needles at this bus stop.

Another neighbor has volunteered to pick up the needle with her sharps container. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Overcrowding in North End School

Funny story in today's P-I about overcrowding in North End grade schools. A school board member claims that he's encouraging creative solutions and that "everything is on the table" in terms of solving the problem.

However, nowhere in the lengthy story does anyone mention improving South End schools to help balance the demand. Just an idea (maybe a little too creative...)!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man Shot and Killed in Jungle

This is the entirety of the article on the P-I website. The address they list at the end is just south of Jose Rizal Park by Pac-Med:

Seattle homicide detectives and crime scene investigators are investigating the shooting death of a man found in a transient camp known as "the Jungle" off a wooded interchange of Interstate 5 early Thursday morning.

Police spokesman Mark Jamieson said a patrol officer was flagged down about 12:50 a.m. by a witness who said an injured man was just off an access road next to the freeway just east of I-5 and south of the I-90 on-ramp.

The officer found a dead man with an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. Police searched the area but found no suspects, and determined that the crime scene was several hours old.

The Jungle is a brush area of transient camps near the freeway interchange in approximately the 1100 block of South Atlantic Street.

Here's the Times story, which lists an address of 700 Dearborn St, a block south of Jose Rizal Park.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rainier Valley Post Editor Working Overtime

The home invasion robberies in Hillman City and Mt. Baker were quickly followed by a drive-by shooting near Rainier and Mead Wednesday evening.

It seems like the bad news just keeps on coming. A 15-year-old girl who happened to be at the scene of the drive-by got shot in the knee and took cover in a store at the Rainier and Orcas intersection (where I passed through with my 6-day-old baby earlier in the day while thinking about the recent armed home invasion that happened just a couple blocks away). Another passerby reported at Harborview that he had also been shot in the incident.

From the Rainier Valley Post article about the drive-by:

The 911-call came in at 7:36 pm while Councilman Tim Burgess, SPD South Precinct Captain Les Liggins and a handful of other SPD officials were meeting with South Seattle Crime Prevention Council (SSCPC) members at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center.

As if on cue, just minutes after one neighbor in attendance questioned the Councilman's focus on graffiti while gangs run rampant, several police cars raced by the scene of the meeting with sirens blaring on their way to what was later revealed to be the scene of yet another Rainier Valley shooting.

Seattle Weekly Article About Armed Citizen Patrol Group on Beacon Hill

See the article here.

I haven't contributed much to the discussion about all this on the neighborhood mailing list. I understand people's frustration about lack of police response to neighborhood crime, though I worry that an armed citizen patrol may do more harm than good. And I suspect that's how most people on the mailing list feel -- few others have said much about it either.

OK, this part of the article makes me laugh.

"When asked about police response on Beacon Hill, Officer Kappel points to 2007 numbers that show crime citywide at a 40-year low."

Because those 2007 numbers are totally screwy and everyone knows it and still no one has done anything about it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Your New Neighbor

My blogging slowdown/hiatus continues as I look after your brand-new Beacon Hill neighbor, Sylvana Josephine. Here's a picture of her napping on her birthday on Friday.