Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KUOW Story About Comet Lodge Cemetery

KUOW is running a story about Comet Lodge Cemetery right now. You can hear it on the archive at minute 0:43.

They just mentioned that residents as far away as 26th and Graham talk about seeing spirits, especially those of children, in their house. (I live closer to the cemetery than that. Eek.) There also have been reports of evil spirits roaming around. They're saying it's an active, restless place.

From the KUOW website (note that there's not actually a dog park there):

At 2:50 p.m. – The Comet Lodge Cemetery
Land is hard to come by in the Seattle area, but this isn't a new problem. Beginning in 1927, parts of Comet Lodge Cemetery were sold off. More than 800 people were buried at this Beacon Hill site. Now, there are only about 20 gravestones left. Houses stand on old burial plots and there's even a dog park on cemetery land. Mercedes Yeager runs Market Ghost Tours in Seattle's Pike Place Market. And she just learned about the Comet Lodge Cemetery recently, including stories of hauntings that so many nearby residents talk about. She shows Jeannie Yandel around what's left of the cemetery.

The KUOW page links to an old post I made about the cemetery, here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunny Afternoon in Columbia City

An Anchor porter at Lottie's Lounge.


Love the old license plate holders.


Ten years ago I hitched to work every day. I paid cash.




Smoked tukeys.


Gather has a beautiful neon art installation of found letters from signs. It's shocking how many brands you can recognize just from the font and color. Like the "a" from Radio Shack.


The "x" isn't really an "x." It's that Cingular character thing.


This target will one day grace the roof of artist Jeremy Bert's Boulevard Park home. If you don't see it at Gather, you should be able to see it from a nighttime flight in or out of SeaTac.


(I just now realized that I've admired Jeremy's work at McLeod Residence before.)

Then a trip to the last Columbia City Farmer's Market of the season.




This is what I bought.


I doubt there will be a day this nice again for the rest of the year.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Article About Buggy in the P-I

"Last weekend, Buggy celebrated its first anniversary as a retail hybrid, a children's boutique on Beacon Hill that sells new and gently used clothes -- from new T-shirts for urban toddlers and used ski jackets for babies to organic bubble bath for newborns and slightly worn rain boots for kindergarteners.

Read the article.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Seattle: Volunteer Park Conservatory

My pal Chuck in San Francisco recently blogged about a free thing I should do with my free time here in Seattle: visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory. So I did.


It was nice and warm in there. I should go back in December.






















Then walked around Volunteer Park on this beautiful fall day.






To make this post topical, I'll throw in a neighborhood compaint here at the end.

On my way home on 12th -- the major arterial connecting Beacon Hill with the central part of the city -- a produce truck blocked one of the lanes of traffic for a really long time at the start of Friday rush hour. Is that even legal?


Jungle Discussion, New Beacon Hill Blog

Craig Thompson recently sent the message atthe bottom of this post to the Slumberland neighborhood mailing list. It advertises the Oct. 21 Beacon Alliance of Neighbors meeting, where state and city reps will discuss the future of the Jungle.

Also, the automatically appended signature at the bottom of the mail advertises a new-ish neighborhood blog that the mailing list organizers have started up. That blog looks like it will be an excellent source of information about neighborhood events.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about whether I want to:

--change this blog's format (like the Capitol Hill and CD blogs) and try to ramp it up a little

--keep it a low-key, infrequently updated, personal blog with random pictures and commentary about how I happen to see the neighborhood while continuing to ignore most announcements I get about neighborhood events like pancake breakfasts and school performances and volunteer opportunities and all those other things that really do need some publicity

--put it to sleep while I raise my kid and go back to my full-time job

Here's Craig's message about the meeting and the sig with the link to the new blog:

Subject: [Beaconhill] Oct 21 7pm BAN Meeting - VIP speakers!

My friend Dean has organized this event - please consider coming.

Hi there,

Come meet with Washington State Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos and Lorena Eng of the Washington State Department of Transportation. We will discuss the future of the Jungle and the Washington State property along Beacon Hill. We will also have representatives from the City of Seattle Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Neighborhoods, and Mayor's office, plus directors from the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and other involved non-profit agencies. The trail coordinators for King County and Seattle will also attend.

This will be an information-packed session with important stakeholders to discuss creating a permanent public safety solution for the East Duwamish Greenbelt, the Jungle, several city parks, and the neighborhoods along west Beacon Hill.

The meeting is this coming Tuesday, October 21, at Quarters 1, PacMed Campus, northwest corner of 14th Ave. S and South Judkins Street, at 7:00 PM.

(FYI, tomorrow, Friday, I'm going to get 50 flyers to Craig for the pancake event. If anyone can help pass them out, that would be great. Unfortunately, I have another volunteer commitment and can't attend the pancake event.)

Thank you,

Dean Olson
To post to the Beaconhill mailing list, email
To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit
Visit the blog at

Monday, October 13, 2008

Teen Shot by Jefferson Park

I'm not sure this warranted an actual article, but it made the P-I's Seattle 911 blog. Incident occurred early Sunday morning.

A 17-year-old youth was shot in the leg early Sunday in South Seattle after he and a girlfriend exchanged words with occupants of an SUV.

The incident occurred at about 16th Avenue South and South Spokane Street when the youth and the girlfriend were walking home. Seattle Police spokesman Jeff Kappel said the two decided to try to hitch a ride, the SUV drove by and shots were fired after the verbal exchange. ...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Cheap South End Fun: Western Bridge

Friday I finally checked out Western Bridge, a free art "venue" in Sodo.

I love their stealth front door -- clever!


The main exhibit right now is this huge white-on-white painting that stretches across the walls and onto the floor. It looks like shadows of trees coming in through big, high horizontal windows. Which confused me a little at first since the building does have big, high horizontal windows. Except it's on 4th Ave. South, so there are no trees around. (Also, a shadow would bend at the corner.) It's like a trompe l'oeil for the stupid and/or unobservant.


Another exhibit featured very dark photos of the banks of the Amazon. I didn't love the art, but I did love the building itself and decided that I wanted to live there.


This feeling got much stronger when I wandered into the living area upstairs.


The other two patrons were hesitant to enter this section, as it didn't seem like people were supposed to come in. But I told them they had to because it was the best part.

The tub is sunken into the cement.



This place belongs on the hipster street of dreams.





And it's just two blocks from Costco!

Western Bridge is open noon to six, Thursday - Saturday. It's located at 3412 Fourth Avenue South. 206-838-7444. Admission is free.