Saturday, April 28, 2007

Around the Yard Today

OK, first some morning shots.

This cute baby Euphorbia decided to start up in our planting strip. Welcome to the neighborhood, little guy!


The sage is coming back now.


Hurray, Allium! I've decided not to worry about the foliage since the flowers seem so happy. I love that little peel of onion skin under the blossom.


Now some afternoon shots.

While I was out taking pictures of Rosso Nursery, Georgetown, and the Comet Lodge Cemetery (the last two coming soon), my husband and a neighbor volunteer were sledgehammering our crappy patio.


Oh, now look -- he's outside mowing the lawn, since we're having our first sunny day in forever. What a good man!



chuck b. said...

You blogged up a storm this weekend.

I like that lawn mowing picture. Keep taking a picture of that view, and one day you can do a huge blog post of just pictures out that window.

And it'll be cool!

JvA said...

It won't look as cool in August, when that expanse of land is totally brown!