Thursday, April 12, 2007

Photos of Plants in Beacon Hill and Wedgwood

I liked the way the smoke tree's leaves caught the morning light yesterday.


Yes, another photo of my Ceanothus. It's just fucking killing me how close to bloom it is.


Here's a misleadingly cropped photo of the view of my living room from this morning. When you're actually in the living room, you see the top of mean neighbor dude's house right under this. But let's just look at the Olympics instead.


OK, off to Wedgwood. I believe this is where local gardening personality Ciscoe Morris lives.


He has one of the lushest planting strips in Seattle.



Moss, mondo, maple.


This is my friends' house.


They built this fence around their tree.



JvA said...

Or maybe that moss is actually lichen?

Anonymous said...

It's probably great in Florida, but I have a huge personal prejudice against that shade of blue paint on houses in the northwest. My partner and I have repainted two houses to get rid of blue. After painting the second house, I joked that we could call our memoirs "Rescuing Blue Houses".

Your smoke tree and Ceanothus look like they're about a week ahead of mine.

JvA said...

FYI, I think the blue house belongs to Ciscoe's neighbor, not the man himself.

Chris, I love all the red hot pokers in your garden. It must be a very glorious place come August.

chuck b. said...

I like Ciscoe's garden. You should interview him for your blog. :)

chuck b. said...

I just blogged this post.

Is that Ricinus communis above the moss mondo maple?