Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things That Got Left Behind

A year or so ago, I was getting clothes out of the laundry room before heading to work, and I stopped to admire our "spider clicker." It's this little device that makes an intermittent clicking noise, which apparently spiders mistake for some sort of predator. Before we got it, I would find big spiders in the laundry room sink all the time. Now I never do.

Anyway, I was standing there marveling at it when I happened to notice a trickle of water coming from the water heater. Because I happened to be spacing out in the basement at the exact right time, we were lucky enough to have caught the leak before it turned into a big nasty flood. (Yay, me!)

Our luck continued when my husband started looking for the valve to turn off the water flowing into the heater. He removed a couple of the ceiling tiles above the water heater, and down plopped these two magazines:




Until today, I thought these were the funnest relics we'd ever found in the house.

But now we have an older, better artifact, from January 1959. It was discovered in the attic when we had the old insulation removed.

It's only the cover, but I think you'll agree that it's much cooler than the other two. Dude!



chuck b. said...

Your house is stuffed with secret porn! That is awesome!

(it goes without saying you are genius for covering the hooters and the hoo hoo that way.)

Anonymous said...

We found a secret porn stash in our house, too! Actually, we didn't, but the plumbers updating our plumbing last summer did. And our stash included VHS tapes to boot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I can't get over those taglines on the "cheri" cover. Seriously, 'sweet meat of Memphis'? 'Tight 'n' tasty'? That's how they sold their porn? Wow.

chuck b. said...

The Dude--that's what they call The Big Lebowski. Certain people really like that movie, and I was thinking I should take another look at it.