Sunday, January 6, 2008

Flat Tire in Georgetown

January in Seattle is glum. It's wet, it's cold, it's dark. It's an especially lousy time of year to get a flat tire and have to pull over into a pawn shop parking lot to deal with the spare.




Since my web search on them comes up nil, I'm assuming that dairy no longer exists. Hope they didn't go out of business because of milk crate theft.


I like to think I could do this on my own if I ever had to. If we ever get a flat on a warm summer afternoon, maybe I'll volunteer to try to change the tire.


Beautiful Georgetown. So hip, so happening.


He's kneeling on a Goretex jacket I last wore in the 1990s. I figure it's a good thing to have stashed in the trunk.


Those are called lugnuts.



The first time either of us has even verified the existence of the spare.





chuck b. said...

Excellent! At least it happened with someone fun. It usually happens to me when I'm alone (twice in as many years, and twice more a long time ago). And I can never get those frickin lugnuts off. Too tight.

Anonymous said...

You guys all need AAA. That's three A's, not two. For something like $60 a year, you call them when this happens, or when your battery is dead, plus you get free maps. -- Pat

Jake said...

A tire? You need AAA to change a tire? Or get a jump? Good grief. I was taught to do these things as part of the responsibility of having a car. When I was 16!