Sunday, January 20, 2008

Portland to Seattle

After playing with an 8-week-old black lab puppy in Portland (and seeing my neighbor CJ on Alberta -- hi, CJ!), we headed back to Seattle.


We stayed on back roads until north of Olympia.



Winlock, Washington, claims to be home to the world's largest egg.




Southwest Washington is definitely home to a bunch of anti-government blowhards.





A couple months ago, floods in this area shut down I-5 for days. Some areas still look pretty wet.


When we get home, I am delighted to see that our mean neighbor appears to be moving! I like to think that he's decided to move out of hatred for us. I'll kind of miss glaring at him from our yard, but I think I'll get over it.


chuck b. said...

I wish our neighbor would move. But then we'd have to live with the noise of a building demolition followed by a new home construction. And then the new neighbors would probably put in huge privacy plants along our shared fence and I would be back to where I was a year ago.

Anyhow--congratulations to you. Hopefully he really is moving.

That puppy is inky black.

JvA said...

Yeah, that inky black puppy was really hard to get good pictures of.

We're pretty sure they're moving. I'll kind of miss standing down there by the plum tree, hanging out and looking at them while spitting out plum pits in their direction (though still in our yard).

Those people were so rude to us that I still have a hard time believing that shit really happened.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of moving--you realize that Going To Portland is the Gateway Drug...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they painted the Winlock egg white again. That American Flag motif was really getting on my tits.

Anonymous said...

Hi JvA!

And I think t.p.n. said it right... I think I will be moving to Portland soon...