Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Stock House Isn't Long for This World

This lovely view just isn't going to be the same with a new office building across the street.



City of Seattle NEWS RELEASE
Gregory J. Nickels, Mayor

For immediate release
January 4, 2008

Contact: Alan Justad, DPD
206-295-1123 cell: 206-295-1123

Emergency Demo Approved for Hazardous Structure in Georgetown
Stock House, Portion of Rainier Cold Storage, Needs to Come Down

SEATTLE – The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has approved an emergency demolition permit for the Stock House, a part of the Rainier Cold Storage site in Georgetown. The emergency permit was approved due to the accelerating sinking of the structure.

The owner’s engineer, KPFF Consulting Engineers, has determined that the continuing structural deterioration of the Stock House has created a public safety hazard and that the building must be demolished as soon as possible. DPD engineers, after visiting the site and reviewing engineer reports, agree with this assessment. While the wall adjacent to the Stock House to the north is currently more stable, it is anticipated that a portion of that wall may also need to come down in order to demolish the Stock House safely. That portion of the demolition plan is still being prepared.

The site, at 5900 Airport Way South, is under review for a major re-development by the Sabey Corporation. The Stock House is a City of Seattle landmark as is the Rainier Cold Storage complex. In August 2007, the owners applied to the Landmarks Preservation Board seeking approval for the demolition of the Stock House. The Board and its Architectural Review Committee have been briefed over the past few months. Although the Board has not had the opportunity to act on the Certificate of Approval, the Board and the community have been aware of the tenuous condition of the structure.

The tentative plan is for Airport Way South adjacent to the structure to be closed the weekends of January 12-13 and January 19-21. Specific details are still under review.

Preparations for the demolition will start this weekend and the sidewalk in front of the structure has been closed.


Anonymous said...

Sad! Not quite as sad as Sunset Bowl in Ballard coming down for condos:

but still sad. -- Pjd

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