Sunday, April 29, 2007

FlorAbundance Spring Plant Sale

This morning we went to the Washington Park Arboretum's FlorAbundance Spring Plant Sale. I realize just now that I didn't get all the plants that I set aside; I still have a claim tag in my pocket. A couple of the plants that got left behind were genuinely crazy, with orange spikes protruding from the green foliage. So much for my little attempt at creating a weirder garden. Anyway.

Here's a photo of my husband trying to piss me off. He's talking to the bamboo dude, trying to collect ammunition for his argument about why we should get bamboo. Personally, I am not willing to gamble on our ability to contain it. He talks of clumping varieties and rhizome barriers and stuff, but, honestly, I just don't want to get a plant that we would need to imprison. It seems like even if we could contain it, it wouldn't be very happy. I want happy, good-natured, non-aggressive plants.



Arisaema nepenthoides.


Here's what we eventually chose (minus the forgotten flat). (After we bought them, I noticed some mold on the sedum. Will neem oil help with that? Should we quarantine?)


The drive home. Does anyone know if this Ceanothus is Point Reyes? I love the color, and that form would work well in our planting strip.



chuck b. said...

"orange spikes protruding from the green foliage"

I know exactly what you're talking about. But I can't recall the name just now. (I'm drunk.) I call it "the harry potter plant". It makes a very nice inflorescence that looks like it belongs to a different plant.

You should make sure you get one.

JvA said...

If I ever see one again, I will get it! But I'm pretty sure I'd never seen one before. I hope I come across it again.