Friday, October 26, 2007

Hangar Cafe to Reopen on Nov. 5

According to signs on the restaurant and comments in posts here, the Hangar Cafe will be reopening on Monday, Nov. 5, with crepes and additional seating.

I can't wait.


Hangar said...

Correction on the Oct. 26th post...The Hangar will be re-opening Monday Nov. 5th not the 15th. Sorry for the mess up. We're going to have a big grand opening party on Nov. 17th. More to come on that...

Looking forward to meeting everyone!!

JvA said...

That's great. I just edited this post to reflect this wonderful news. The sooner the better, I say!

Patty said...

so do we know if it is under new ownership or if it's the previous owners just re-opening? and if it is new owners, how will it differ?

i'm excited to know it's reopening - it was one of my favorite neighborhood places!

JvA said...

I think the new guy (hi, new guy!) is from Essential Baking. I heard that somewhere. The old owner moved to California, I think.

New guy (Justin?), if you want to post details about the grand opennig party or anything else, just post in the comments here or e-mail me at midbeaconhill at gmail and I'll create a new post about it.

JvA said...

The differences I've heard so far is that there will be more seating and crepes.

Will you still serve wine?

Hangar said...

Hi everyone,
Here's an update on The Hangar Cafe...

We're changing the menu a little. All good stuff!! We'll be using organics and natural meats. Everything is going to be made from scratch. My kitchen manager is an expert on vegan and vegetarian dishes as well. We're adding crepes, more seating, changed the paint color and we will still be serving wine and beer. I promise it's going to be great!
I'll be sending out a flyer on Friday with the menu on it.
I'll post here as well.
Can't wait to meet everyone!

One more thing, we're going to have a grand opening party on Nov. 17th. There will be ads running in the Seattle Weekly starting next week. I'll also post it here.