Sunday, April 8, 2007

Quick Tour of the Garden

Nowadays whenever I come home from a trip, I'm so excited to see my plants that I tour the front and back yards before going in the house.

My blue oat grass is sending up some seeds.


Smoke tree is starting to show us its beautiful leaves.


Looks like the ginkgo survived the cold winter in its aluminum pot. I know this seems awfully sexist, but I'm afraid to plant it in case it's female. I bought it for $10 from a guy at a farmer's market last summer.


I think this may be the first honeybee I've seen in the yard this year.


Alliums are coming right along.


I love how juicy the barberry leaves look at this time of year. This summer they'll look more variegated.


A little bit hard to see in this photo, but it does look like this Julia Phelps Ceanothus is going to have brilliantly and deeply blue flowers. This one is doing better than a couple of the others, but that's OK. I think I may remove some of the weaker ones. Despite their incomparable beauty, no one really needs nine Ceanothus plants in their backyard.



chuck b. said...

Isn't it exciting? I love scrutinizing all the plants when I com home from a trip. Julia Phelps is such an exquisite girl.

Anonymous said...

I love the carex (it's a carex, isn't it?) with the Allium. And I wish I could grow barberry. You'd think the thorns would keep the rabbits away, but they love it.

JvA said...

We're so lucky to not have to worry about deer here. Apparently there are coyotes on Beacon Hill, but no deer.

Yeah, I believe that's a Carex. I think the tag said chocolate sedge. It should look pretty glorious when the alliums bloom. That planter it's in is a big aluminum chest I picked up at the Boeing surplus store. A couple nights ago I went to Ikea and picked up a few more big planters, which I'll need to figure out what to do with this weekend.