Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Friend Mari's Garden

It's actually my friends Mari and Andrew's garden in West Seattle. And I should have shown you photos of it weeks ago. I took these photos on May 28. The day was very bright, and I still haven't found the manual for my camera, so I don't know how to adjust the exposure. I hope to go back to their garden and take better photos later this summer. Anyway.

Andrew's a sculptor. He made all the containers in their garden out of scraps of steel that he welded together. They are my favorite containers in the whole world.


Andrew also designed the concrete forms for the patio area. It's not finished yet, but there's going to be a fountain and a fireplace.


I want an orange hose too. It looks great against this freshly blue-painted wall.


Bronze fennel.



One of Andrew's many sculptures. They're often military and/or industrial looking (though Andrew himself seems like a pretty pacifistic guy).





Andrew likes to sculpt guns and artillery out of rebar and wire. I'm not sure if I'm getting these terms right. My vocabulary does not extend very far into machinery and weaponry.


In fact, he has a whole arsenal of stuff like this.



chuck b. said...

That is. So. Cool!

I would love to have all that stuff!

JvA said...

Yes. The floral cannon is especially breathtaking in person. I'll try to capture it better on a less bright day sometime soon, if they'll let me.

Anonymous said...

Another line-item in my 'Why Mari is the Coolest' list.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow gun making artist, similarly pacifist and garden enabling, I would love to get in touch with your friend Andrew.

If you could have him drop me a line I would love it-

I am a former Beacon Hill resident as well, many years ago now I lived on Beacon Ave, between Horton and Hinds, and also on 13th.

JvA said...

Sure, Ries -- I forwarded Mari the message, to pass along to Andrew.

What kind of plants do you have growing up there on your 26 acres?

Anonymous said...

Mari, Andrew,

Looks great. Lorie, Copper and I want the full tour.

Cheers from Portland!

chuck b. said...

Note that A&M's fig tree is much larger now than it was in this blog post, as we saw last Saturday.