Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Garden in Maple Leaf

Last night we paid a surprise visit to some friends in the Maple Leaf neighborhood. We didn't drop in on them exactly. We called and asked if they'd like our company in 20 minutes, and they said yes.

I hadn't seen their backyard in a while.



It's lovely.



They even have some sculpture.




And back at home, today we finally built a cedar screen in front of the A/C unit in our front yard.


Thank God it's finally done. I've been embarrassed about it for two years. And now I get to plant a bunch of stuff in front of it, hurray!


momster said...

aka greenlaker - I lurked here a few weeks ago and came back because I so enjoyed your pictures and commentary. You're so clever -
Funny to run into Robin Matisse - the guy at the No Dump party who works for Nick Licata. I knew him a long time ago and wondered where he'd gotten to - he's a tax reform advocate (or used to be) and I'd been wanting to get in touch - now I know how! (Note - I do have his phone number, and did get it from him - in case you're wondering if you just tipped off some creepy stalker - not to worry.)


JvA said...

Aw, thanks.

I've hung out with four different Seattle City Council staffers (one for Steinbrueck, two for Licata, and one for Clark) at parties in the last two weeks.

Robin seemed really cool! I'm glad I was able to help you get back in touch with him.