Sunday, July 8, 2007

Inside Georgetown Castle

Today at the Georgetown Art & Garden Walk, I was thrilled to find that the wonderful owner of Georgetown Castle opened up her lovely haunted house to the public again this year.


I've written incoherently about this place before. Old house, weird history. Murder, prostitution, suicide, infanticide -- you name it.

While waiting for the tour to begin, I poked around outside a little.

Here's the back porch, where a woman named Sarah's murdered baby is said to have been buried.


OK, at this point, I have to acknowledge that it's weird that this photo happens to contain an "orb" in exactly the place where the murdered baby is supposed to have been buried. From what I've read, this is one of the spookiest, most disturbing parts of the house. And apart from the photos I take through my dirty windshield, my photos do not usually contain anything orblike. I'm not saying it's means anything, I'm just saying...


I find out that the Seattle FOG (Friends of Ghosts) Paranormal group is leading some of the tours. One of them and the houses's owner will be on the Montel Williams show this Wednesday, July 11, with paranomal expert Sylvia Browne, discussing some of the ghostly evidence they've collected at the house.


OK, ready to go in?


This is the stairway where Sarah's ghost has been seen "countless times," according to the FOG tour leader. On the Montel show on Wednesday, they'll show video footage of a really spectacular orb coming up to the camera, shooting off rainbow colors, and then backing off. They said this footage is also on their site, but I couldn't get it to work.



The pocket doors still work.




Apparently the kitchen is one of the creepier areas of the house. Maybe because it's right next to the back porch, where the baby was supposedly buried.



This is the bedroom where Peter Gessner died. Some say he drank acid to kill himself; some say he was murdered. In any case, the Seattle Ghost Hunters say that "When his body was found, his lips, gums and tongue were found to be shriveled and blackened, his body twisted in a grotesque display of the agony of his death throes."








We're told a man's ghost often appears here between 11:00 and 11:30 at night. He walks from right where I am standing, to the end of this hall.


Hearing this gives me goosebumps.


I forgot the story about this amazing room. Some sort of performances were held here.



There's the ticket booth on the right.


There's a third floor, but it's not ready for the public yet. The ghost investigators have heard children's voices up there. I wonder if that's where the children of the prostitutes were kept when this was a brothel.


Read more about this house at the Friends of Georgetown History site, the Seattle Ghost Hunters site, and the FOG Paranormal site.


chuck b. said...

I can see an eye in the first orb! ("Orb"?)

They should clean up the back porch--out of respect. No wonder the place is haunted, people.

And if they changed the red carpet in the hall, I bet the ghost would go away.

JvA said...

I put the word "orb" in quotes because if I used the word straightforwardly, then I would be implying that I believed the effect was supernatural. I guess that's silly. Using the word "ghost" w/o quotes doesn't imply that you believe in them.

Those folks have so much to clean up -- and they're doing such a great job -- that I don't fault them the stuff by the back porch. You have no idea how much work and money they've put into the place.

The owner has mentioned that the ghosts didn't like her bathmat. They kept shoving it out of the way, then once she found it soaking in the bathtub. Don't know if they've expressed an opinion about the red carpet yet.

chuck b. said...

No disrespect intended to the living (about messy porches)!

You know Montel's a total stoner, right?

Unknown said...

I just tried to call you and tell you this, but I downloaded the picture of the back porch and showed it to our 1.4 year old and asked her what it was. She said, "Bye bye!" which I believe is in reference to the door. Then I zoomed in on the orb and before I could ask her what it was, she said, "Baby?"

Talk about goosebumps!!

LMM said...

Very cool pictures. We missed it- I hope to be able to go next year.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! I grew up on Beacon Hill, just off Orcas and 23rd Ave S., from 1956 to about 1982. I never saw nor heard of the Georgetown Castle until recently. Very spooky!

I did however, spend a lot of time at the Comet Cemetery on Graham as an older child/teenager. I was by recently and it looks like a park!
When I was young, it was totally overgrown with big holes in the ground where graves had been moved and not filled back in.

JvA said...

Neat! You're from my little neighborhood! That's three blocks away from me.

I took some photos of the Comet Lodge Cemetery too:

And we just had our first-ever neighborhood block party down at 20th between Orcas and Lucile. I'm sure we flyered your old house.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are right by where I lived! I went to Columbia Elementary, which back then was at the bottom of the hill. We walked down Lucile, and then down a trail through the woods. On Lucile and 22nd there was a small neighborhood store that sold penny candy.

That's awesome, a block party. I miss the neighborhood!

(in Wenatchee)

JvA said...

Here's that trail through the woods at the end of Lucile -- it's a staircase now:

Oh, I totally know what you're talking about when you mention that neighborhood store! It's just a house now, but it looks like a commercial space. I've always wondered about that place!

Yeah, I'm really excited that the neighborhood is getting organized. My next-door neighbor bought his house in 1954, and he's the one who told me there'd never been a block party before. He and some other longtime residents came and chatted for a while. It was really fun.

Thanks for stopping by all the way from Wenatchee!

Anonymous said...

That trail looks much shorter and much narrower now!

Is that store/house still brown? It was for as long as we lived there. And, is there still the big old white farmhouse at the end of Orcas St?

Anonymous said...

I used to play in that alley. My best friend lived in the house directly in back of the castle. The house always caught my eye.

Anonymous said...

I lived in this house, in the room which has the stage and ticket booth. The house was filled briefly with a group of artists back around 1997-98 when I lived there.

Your photos are a great reminder of the wonderful time I had in that house. The stage room was said to have been used for a gay men's club, which was supposedly closed down in the 80's. Besides the ticket booth in the doorway, there was a little weird room which was supposedly used for the headlining "dancer" to emerge from. The colors, etc. in your photos are exactly as they were when I lived there.

Though I had no interactions with anything spooky in that house, several of my roommates had different experiences including one night when I was on the third floor with another roommate watching a movie and fell asleep in his room. A roommie from the second floor room across from mine claimed he heard me being screaming and thought I was murdered and was somehow obstructed from going to help. THe police were called and came to the house, insisting on waking and interviewing me. They were very suspicious, having apparently heard me screaming from the lower levels of the house and did not believe that I had fallen asleep watching a movie, but thought that the roommate I was hanging out with had been beating me and I was too afraid to say anything in his presence.

There were several sightings by people other than me, and many people had audible hallucinations, some frequently.

It was a very interesting time! Still a hoot though!

Anonymous said...

I visited this house on many occasions as a child as my step dad's Uncle then lived there. His name was Hugh. I loved the house as to me is was just a wierd old creeky house.