Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blurry Photos of Our Weedy Front Yard

The reason I hardly ever post photos of my yard, even though this blog is supposed to be about "snapshots of plants," is that it's so not there yet. This year in the front we did nothing except build a small wood screen, and the back, well, the back is something we're just beginning to tackle. The lot is basically 10,500 square feet of neglect. Well, OK, maybe only 10,000 square feet of neglect and 500 square feet of somewhat gardened space. Anyway, you were warned.

The smoke tree that I will always love.


Barberry, cannas, the clematis I hate.


At some point I'm going to have to dig up these cannas in favor of the bird's nest spruce.


Japanese maple, blue oat grass, the viburnum whose growth I've stunted by never giving it any compost.


Feather grass, mondo grass. Clearly we need more ground cover.


Look -- we bought some.


The parahebe that Chuck told me was too small for its huge container (which I recently took it out of). He was right.


Yeah, not only do we have plastic lawn furniture in the front yard -- we have two totally different, totally ugly colors of it. There goes the neighborhood! There's an off chance that I'll give these unicorn plants enough water to live.


The echeverias were a container success story this year.


Raspberries in a container? Why not? They're happy enough -- they're berrying right now.


I like this little fir way better than my miniature pine.


This rosemary would probably be a lot bigger is I gave it some nice compost. Everyone else in Seattle has monster rosemary.


The little parking strip planting, post fennel massacre.


This is a happy little plant, whatever it is.


When we planted this ground cover, I don't think we realized it would turn into a fluffy pink cloud. I have to say, I sort of love it, though. Not there, but somewhere else.


The monster red dragon.



The new smoke tree. I love little purple smoke trees on top of piles of rocks.


The black elderberry, which you can hardly see but which I have high hopes for.


It's a work in progress. Gardens take a while.


I'll show you the backyard tomorrow.


chuck b. said...

I've managed to kill rosemary several times. I'm probably the only person in the world who's done that.

Rasberries sound fantastic. I would like to try rasberries sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all. Guess who this is from. A very impressed admirer of your gardening skills. Maybe I'll contribute some more bucks to this endeavor!

JvA said...

"Hey, y'all," hmm, do I detect the Southern cadences of my Georgia belle mother-in-law?

Hey, there. Welcome! This is what I've been wasting time with these days. (Not the gardening, which isn't a waste of time, but the blogging.)

I hope to blog Tucson in the early new year!