Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall Morning in the U-District

This morning I went to the Farmers Market in the U-District, my first Seattle neighborhood.



I miss all the hippie yards.


I'm a peaceful and cowardly person, but I think if I saw a person spray-painting a tree, I'd want to kick their ass.





Doesn't "Sweetbread" mean brains? I'd never heard of this little local vineyard before. I gambled on the cheapest white and red.


Then I went to Esquin Wine Merchants and lollygagged in the Loire whites section before finally settling on Cheverny. What I really wanted was a Sancerre, but apparently Cheverny is another steel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc wine from the Loire Valley, and it was $10 cheaper than the Sancerres. Hopefully it will have that minerally taste that I love so much in Sancerre -- we'll see.

Then I suddenly decided that I also wanted a Niagara ice wine for dessert, so I grabbed one from Jackson-Triggs, a vineyard that I blogged but didn't name back in July.


chuck b. said...

The neighborhood looks cozy.

Anonymous said...

sweetbreads are the pancreas

Sara said...

if you like ice wine, I'd recommend inniskillin. I've toured them all (I'm from buffalo) but inniskillin blows all the others away. So subtle. Their vidal smells of warm apricots.