Saturday, September 29, 2007

Parking Strip Planting on Beacon Hill

My future sister-in-law (hurray) planted this parking strip outside her house at one of the intersections on 15th. Thank you! I love this.



Anonymous said...

I pass this almost daily, and to be honest, worried where it was going when only the cannas were in place, but it has filled in nicely over the summer. Along with the cut-flower stand outside the house down the block, this is one of my favorite distractions driving home along 15th to Spokane St..

Allison said...

Agreed with the previous comment. This I live a few blocks down on 15th and love what they have done with the outside of the house.

If only I could get you all to come to my house for ideas!

Anonymous said...

I love this strip too! Especially because it used to be a pumpkin patch and I know how much work went into this. "The Southern Belle."