Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beacon Hill Appreciation Walk on Sunday

If the Seattle Drum School and Culinary Communion open houses aren't enough excitement for you tomorrow, join up with some neighbors taking a Beacon Hill appreciation walk.

From Beacon Lights blogger and neighborhood activist Craig Thompson:

Just to remind people about the walk this Sunday.

Idea is to take a group, neighborly, community walk and see all the good work so many people have been doing on Beacon Hill.

First up, this Sunday, meet at Java Love at 11 AM. This route will go down Bayview Stairs, down Beacon Ave. to the Holgate Bridge, north through the woods to Dr. Jose Rizal Park, through the off-leash area, over by Lewis Park, up Golf/15th to Beacon Bluff P-Patch & Community Garden, then down to 16th to admire the stairwell work on Holgate, Walker, and Plum.

Then back to the business district. Should take about 1.5 - 2 hrs at most.

Next time around will be east/central Beacon Hill (Hanford Stairs, Cheasty walking path, Jefferson Park).

We've all been so busy accomplishing so much for the common good, let's take a moment to see it and appreciate what so many have accomplished.

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