Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Georgetown Haunted History Tour

La Dele at Friends of Georgetown History was sweet enough to e-mail me a copy of their poster for the third annual Georgetown haunted history tour. She even remembered that after last year's tour my husband and I interrogated her and the other FOGH folks about the Comet Lodge Cemetery because on their laptop they had a bunch of old aerial pictures showing how houses had been built right on top of the old grave sites.


If it's anything like last year, they'll split us up into groups and feed us lots of chocolates at Coliman restaurant, then we'll leave at staggered start times off into the neighborhood. It's a bit of a walk, but it's fine if you wear a coat over your costume. They'll show us where the old county poor farm (and hospital and crematorium) used to be, and then they'll point out haunted stores, churches, and houses, including, of course, Georgetown Castle. Last year I was in a group with some local ghost hunters, who chimed in about the freaky experiences they'd had there.

Bring your kids, bring your friends, bring your warm coats. Last year we brought along one of Peter Steinbrueck's staffers, who then advocated mandatory attendance for all City Councilmembers. (I hope to see them all there this year, excusing McIver, of course, if he's still in the slammer.) It'll be the best $5 suggested donation you make all year, I promise.

Confidential to La Dele -- If you want to thank me for this ad, secure me an invitation to the after-party, which I assume you guys are having, and which I assume is happening at the Castle! I've only ever been there during the day, and I would love to have a Halloween drink in that place. Cheers!


chuck b. said...

Love the spooky pear-headed gourd!

Anonymous said...

la dele here *** we have a nice surprize for everyone once we conclude the tour at the brewery .. last year was fabulous.. this year will be extra special... but you have to come along on the tour to find out what the surprize will be... bring on those city council members!

LMM said...

Love this, thanks for the fyi- I am going to post this on the neighborhood google group. We hope to attend with small ones, we are doing a family theme this year- we will all be pirates- but Ari wants to be a Pirate Princess.

eggonit said...

I am SO going to this. Awesome! Your site is such a wealth of information about Georgetown spooks.