Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My "Goth-Girl Bag" in Seattle Magazine

Even though I think my neighborhood crank persona suits me really well -- it's an easy fit for an old married lady -- sometimes I wish I were still young and sort of cool. Worse yet, sometimes I like to pretend I still am.

This morning, while I was wearily hauling my aging ass from gym machine to gym machine as if they were the goddamn stations of the cross, I flipped through the pages of Seattle magazine (which I think is specifically designed to appeal to old married ladies who like to pretend they're still young and sort of cool, come to think of it), and I saw a picture of my Chemical Wedding backpack on page 42!

The Goods: Goth-Girl Bag

Part goth, part punk with a Western twist, this unique backpack, by Seattle husband-and-wife design duo Jon and Tracy Haaland of Chemical Wedding, is fashionably edgy and durable as well. Made from smooth black cowhide with tan crocodile embossing, it has antique brass rivets and a sturdy zipper closure. The perfect piece to liven up your fall wardrobe and haul that extra wrap in, its unique design will have heads turning. $300 at Clementine (West Seattle, 4447 California Ave SW; 206.935.9400; and


Since I had a small part in the design of this bag and Jon and Tracy even named it after me, today I feel that I've earned the right to pretend I'm not Neighborhood Crank but Goth Girl, fashionably edgy, part goth, part punk with a Western twist.

Yee-haw! I'm putting on black eyeliner and heading to Georgetown, the next fashionably edgy Center of the Universe.


chuck b. said...

If you're an old lady, I must be near death.

Now please discourse on the relationship between women and their bags. Because I'm still toting my Jansport backpack from college. And that seems to be working for me.

I had a satchel bag for awhile, but it hurt.

Anonymous said...

Dig that bag!