Wednesday, October 3, 2007

South End City Council Candidates Forum

My neighbor Lisa-Marie, my Sierra Club pal Brady, and I hung out in the sadly booze-free Georgetown Ballroom last night for the South End Candidates Forum.


Hopefully The Paper Noose, in the row in front of me, will provide you with a thoughtful recap of the night's proceedings. I only have time to post snarky comments right now.

Tried hardest for South End cred: David Della, who reminded us that he's from Beacon Hill at least twice after I started counting.

Shamelessly name-checked: Jean Godden and Sally Clark, who both mentioned they'd attended Walt Crowley's memorial service.

Most shamelessly name-checked: Venus Velasquez, who said she'd just been on the phone with Peter Steinbrueck and that he wanted to say hi to everyone.

Most egregiously misjudged her audience: Jean Godden, who proudly claimed that Georgetown was "poised to be the next Pearl District" or "Fremont, the Center of the Universe."

Most out of her league: Judy Fenton, who seemed to be a really nice lady, but not quite ready for prime time. [Update: OK, she did seem like she was a really nice lady, but in fact she's the nutty right-winger who's running on the platform that Seattle needs "public art which families are comfortable with" (her own words, in the Municipal League questionnaire). Thanks, anonymous commenter, for pointing this out.]

Best-looking candidate: Venus Velasquez, by a mile. Rowr!

Best-looking audience members: the group of young firefighters (supporting Burgess?) who passed out Red Hots and Sweetarts after the meeting. Ssss!

Most likely to get e-mail from me about adding Jefferson Park to the list of protected viewpoints in Seattle Municipal Code 25.05.675: all of them, because they all said they supported it, or were likely to support it if they knew more about it.


Anonymous said...

Fenton seems like a nice lady? Who do you hang with? She's the right-winger who hates on the nude statue at the sculpture park.

JvA said...

Oh, you're right. I forgot about that. Thanks for pointing it out -- I've updated the post.

Anonymous said...

Judy Fenton's performance was PAINFUL! She came up to me & my bf beforehand bemoaning her lack of propaganda, except for the "factsheet" in support of retrofitting the Viaduct. She claims to be a 3rd generation Seattlite but didn't recognise my mention of the Pac Med building (2 blocks away from me on N. Beacon). Er, Judy, it's the impressively gothic building looming over downtown from Beacon Hill. Blank stare. Oh, she's from the North End. I'm sure she has no idea who Louise Bourgeois is. Poor woman.