Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trip to Toronto: Kensington Market

We chatted with a lot of shop owners on the trip, maybe because we bought a lot of shit in Toronto. (Some miscellaneous purchases: 2 pairs of cufflinks, 4 pillows, and 1 handmade, suede Indian princess dress, which I will use as an upgrade to my Viking costume.)

The owner of Model Citizen recommended that we try La Palette, his friend's restaurant in Kensington Market. OK!


Kensington Market is a cute little neighborhood that kind of reminds me of Eugene, Oregon. People are always protesting something here, but they're also enjoying gourmet French food and some of the best empanadas in town. Their Wikipedia entry has a section called "Marijuana Culture." ("Visitors to Bellevue Square Park between Augusta and Denison will sometimes see (or smell) marijuana cigarettes being smoked.")



As Chuck noted last week, there's been some guerrilla gardening in this neighborhood this month.

I didn't notice any of the little Celosia planters, but I did see this car full of plants right outside the restaurant.



We're scoping the place out for dinner later in the week, and just order some terrine and red wine.




We return to La Palette a couple days later and get a full-on grillade. This one's horse, bison, and elk. It's all really good.


While we eat, a bike parade goes by.



Then a woman starts to pose on the lawn on the car. (A photographer is out of frame.)



But this crazy dude starts harassing her. Toronto's Asshole #2?





chuck b. said...

Okay cool. I have to go watch an ABBA movie with Guy right now, but I'll be back right after that.

chuck b. said...

That car is very cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm also loving the car.

I've also had bison and elk -- and wild boar (which, can you believe, was the yummiest). I can't say that I've ever had horse, though.

JvA said...

They had wild boar, too. But I was afraid it would be greasy, like the bear and wild boar sausages I've had.

steph said...

You guys are so cool and I just love that you experienced that art car and that woman posing on it. God I love that. Great great great pictures from your trip!