Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coyotes Kill Pets on Beacon Hill

A neighbor who lives near Beacon and Columbian says she saw a coyote kill a tortoise shell cat in her front yard in broad daylight. She sent this photo of her cat keeping an eye on the animal.


Anyway, she asked me to remind everyone to keep your cats indoors to keep them safe from the coyotes that roam our neighborhood. Her mail:

Yesterday a coyote came to my garden and roamed for about 2 hours (from 8 to 10 am), after killing a cat in my front lawn (had to call animal control to pick up the poor victim!). The cat was a tortoise shell cat, no collar, no microchip; never seen it before.

Animal control has not jurisdiction over wild animals, but they said that as long as the animal is not injured and representing a treat to the public, fish and wildlife just leave them alone. I took a picture of my cat looking at the coyote, picture is attached.

I wanted to post this message at the listserv, but the message gets rejected. Could you please post this for me, if it is not too much to ask?! I just want people to know so they do not leave their cats go outside and become a victim of the coyote. BTW, the coyote was gorgeous and skittish. Thanks!


Kara said...

Wow! I also saw a coyote down at Maple wood playfield a few weeks ago. It was sitting in the grass just off to the side of the path. It didn't seem very afraid, and seeing a coyote in broad daylight is pretty weird. Keep your cats and dogs inside. We need this guy to NOT view humans and their homes as places to find food. It's bad for everyone (especially him/her).

uppergeorgetowner said...

geez! this is just a couple blocks from my house. we back right up to the greenbelt, but I've never seen a coyote.

chuck b. said...

Poor kitty--sad! Yeah, the best thing to do is make the coyote very unwelcome. Secure your trash and remove any kind of den potential. Don't leave food out for it.

LMM said...

I recently heard about the coyote, from a neighbor, and believe that the coyote is living in the green belt west of 20th Ave. N. I also thought I heard the coyote last night- but could have been raccoons. I don't know a lot about coyote's, but wasn't too worried until I read your post about the killing of the cat in broad day light.

One other thing- it is important to keep pet food indoors and not leave bowls of food outside.

Anonymous said...

One more thing (I looked it up): They can jump fences.

litlnemo said...

The message shouldn't have been getting rejected from the listserv unless there was a problem like an attachment (she did have a photo attached when she mailed you, so that might have been the issue), or the message was really really big, or something like that. If people are having problems like that, they should send mail to the listadmin address (it's there on the listserv page somewhere) and ask for help. I don't want people to feel that they can't post!