Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Seattle: Volunteer Park Conservatory

My pal Chuck in San Francisco recently blogged about a free thing I should do with my free time here in Seattle: visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory. So I did.


It was nice and warm in there. I should go back in December.






















Then walked around Volunteer Park on this beautiful fall day.






To make this post topical, I'll throw in a neighborhood compaint here at the end.

On my way home on 12th -- the major arterial connecting Beacon Hill with the central part of the city -- a produce truck blocked one of the lanes of traffic for a really long time at the start of Friday rush hour. Is that even legal?



Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!! You're right, it's wonderful to have a taste of the tropics during the winter by ducking into the conservatory, quickly peeling off the outer layers of winter wear, and soaking in the high humidity.

On a seperate note, I daily ride the notoriously nasty #36 and if there isn't a semi blocking traffic (as in your photo) then there is a delivery van blocking the inside lane kitty corner in front of the Hing Hau (sp?) grocery where signage specifically prohibits parking at any time. Traffic will be backed up for blocks and it's been like this for years...just getting worse because more people are using 12th Ave.

trellis said...

Gorgeous photos. I love the Conservatory, wish I went more often. There are a few hidden nooks where you can sit, breath in the woody-smelling, humid air, gaze into a pool.

Anonymous said...

I've seen those delivery trucks parking illegally several times! And they also do it on Beacon at Columbian for Fou Lee and Seattle Supermarket - nice how they can get away with that.

chuck b. said...

Did you happen to see a cute chiming/ringing kinetic sculpture at the Conservatory? I took a little movie of it, but forgot to upload it to my Flickr. I will have to do that.

I totally remember that Rem Koolhaas post you made now.

Delivery trucks parked in traffic. A miserable fact of life in San Francisco.

chuck b. said...

Typically great pictures from you, btw.

Even the traffic shot.

JvA said...

Thanks, Chuck! At the end of my trip, I remembered the macro setting you taught me to use, so I went through it again and took some closeups.

I should visit some gardens before it gets too cold. Maye I'll take the baby on a ferry ride over to Bloedel.

chuck b. said...

Bloedel must be absolutely amazing in the fall.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much the delivery trucks as the fork lifts darting in and out of traffic that make that section of 12th scary. I know they're not street legal, and that's not even counting the time I saw one go diagonally through a red-light intersection...

litlnemo said...

Yeah, this has been an ongoing problem at that intersection for some time now. Very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your photos...

Thanks for taking the time and congratulations on your new baby.

Anonymous said...

I almost crashed my bike into the forks of a forklift that were sticking out into traffic in this intersection once. The color of the metal forks blended in perfectly with the asphalt. It could have been very bad. Bikers beware...

Beautiful picture as usual, BTW.

Trentalange said...

next time you are going to volunteer park let me know. I love the conservatory!