Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Attic Find

Perhaps not as cool a find as the cover for the January 1959 issue of The Dude ("The magazine devoted to pleasure"), but we found this sign up in the attic today.


If this is a sign for your house and you want it, let me know. I'll hang onto it for you. (We also have a big old rambler, so we have room.)


chuck b. said...

How big is your attic that you're still finding new stuff in it?

I'm not sure what a 64 ft. Rambler is.

verification word: unstng

JvA said...

I guess a 64-foot-long house isn't all that big.

A rambler is a ranch house. In this area, they call houses like mine, where the front is at ground level and the back has a basement door, "daylight ramblers."