Tuesday, July 3, 2007

No Georgetown Dump Party

Good evening, everyone. Hope you're enjoying you're midweek weekend. Me, I've had a little wine, liquor, and beer. That's why these photos are so... awful.

Tonight Georgetown activist Kathy had a party at her house to celebrate our defeat of the dump proposal. She invited the whole Georgetown mailing list, where I lurk. I warn them in advance that I'm going to be representing Beacon Hill at their party.

She said she was afraid I would post bad pictures of her yard. Nope, I'm going to post bad pictures of your guests. Not because they're bad-looking -- on the contrary, they were all quite good-looking -- but because I am just sucking at photography, just as I've been sucking at nuerous drinks, tonight. Sorry, everyone, but here you are!

Holly's making burgers, yay!


When Kathy said "full bar," she wasn't kidding!


I hadn't had spodi since my undergraduate years.


Lots of people showed up.


Kathy made amazing strawberry treats.


Oh, good, I'm not the only one taking photos.


I'd never seen a happier hydrangea.


This is not the first time I've taken a photo of this dude without his permission. Last time was at his art gallery during the Georgetown Carnival.


David and Joel. I'd met Joel before, in preparation for the dump meeting. He kindly told me that my testimony was great (when in fact it sucked, though I did try). I later talk to David and find out he's a legislative aide for Sally Clark, whom I like.


Holly and a pal.





I later talk to this guy and find out he's the state legislator for my district.


I recognize this guy on the left. He represents Sabey, the company that bought the old Georgetown brewery. I recognize him from the hearing. They are trying really hard to reach out to the neighborhood, good for them. He puts in more than a token appearance at the party, though he doesn't seem to drink from as many bottles as I do, for sure.


Normally, I wouldn't cut a greyhound's paws off in a shot. Sloppy!


More of Kathy's wonderful strawberries.


City Councilmember Sally Clark showed up, good for her. I recognize her because we both worked at the UW school paper years and years ago, she a little while before me, but we did met back then.


I later meet this guy, who works on councilmember's Nick Licata's staff.


Amazingly, my photography gets even worse.



Thanks for the great party, Kathy and Holly!


chuck b. said...

Looks like a fun party.

Now give us the goss'.

JvA said...

I can't post gossip here! I wouldn't get invited to parties anymore. It's bad enough that I'm putting up all these snapshots without having asked for permission from anyone. (Though I would remove any photo if a subject asked.)

Also, I think I left too early to hear any good gossip. :(

chuck b. said...

You could make shit up! Besides, the party people want to hear gossip just as much as everyone else. Probably more. You can change names and pose everything in the form of a question like that guy at the new york post.