Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hangar Cafe on a Sunny December Morning

This morning we went to Hangar Cafe for the first time since it reopened.



I've actually been avoiding going there because I've heard it's so good. The last thing I need is a crepe habit.

Arturo ordered the pumpkin waffle and I dared to try the reportedly addictive ham and cheese crepe.

I'd guess that's Justin, the owner, working on my crepe. I feel kind of stalkerish taking these photos without introducing myself. But I also feel it would be presumptuous to introduce myself, even though we've exchanged e-mails. I guess I'm just shy, basically.


(OK, here's a sort-of funny story about feeling like a stalker. I was recently standing in line at Pallino in the Columbia Center, and I recognized the guy behind me, and I said hi, as if we knew each other. Then one second later I was mortified to realize I'd just said hi to Seattle councilmember-elect Tim Burgess, who I've corresponded with over e-mail but of course don't actually know. But he's very nice, and he said hi back. I later e-mailed him to clear up any confusion, and he was again very nice in his response and said that next time I see him we should actually converse. You got it, Tim. I'm sure I'll see you again, as we'll be working across the street from each other. Maybe I'll give you the lowdown on what's hot and what's not in the Columbia Center food court.)

OK, back to Georgetown and the waffle and the crepe.


They were both phenomenal.


Then we saw our neighbor Lisa Marie and her cute kids.



And I realized, though it's been obvious for a long time, that THIS is my neighborhood. This is the neighborhood where I can go and run into people who live on my block. I think Hangar Cafe is closer to us than Galaxie.

Shortly after breakfast I met the wonderful owners of Georgetown Tile Works, and I found out that they live on Beacon Hill too. And I've e-mailed the future owner of Full Throttle Bottles, and she says she lives down in Skyway. Thank you, Georgetown, for welcoming those of us from other parts of the South End.

I do care about Beacon Hill (even though I haven't returned any of the e-mails or later comments from my last Beacon Hill post, and I did not testify about Jefferson Park on Thursday -- I'm sorry, I've been too busy with other stuff), but I think I'll survive if we never get a restaurant with decent lighting and a wine list. Or a pizza place. Or a burger joint with some nice beers on tap. Because we have Georgetown, and it has all of those things, and more.


LM said...

We had the best food at Hangar Cafe. I cannot wait to go back next weekend. It was great to run into both. I also love that your man carries photo's of you two- very sweet. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know what Hangar Cafe is all about. I drive past it all of the time and have been very curious as to what it has to offer. Now I'm determined to go - pumpkin waffles - YUM!

uppergeorgetowner said...

I have been wanting to go to Hangar since it reopened - I'll take a day off from work on Friday so I can go and linger a while....

Lucky you on Mike's work - he had a show at Goods a while back and it was amazing.