Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blog Tournament: Vote for Blogging Georgetown

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me. I know I ended up getting over 150 votes altogether, and I am honored and energized by your support.

I checked the blog tournament last night around 7:30, saw that Blogging Georgetown had taken the lead, and mentally conceded defeat to him. I was actually glad that it looked like I'd be taking a strong second place. I'm a huge fan of Blogging Georgetown, so I felt good about getting almost as many votes as he did. Besides, coming in second meant that I wouldn't feel like I needed to campaign anymore!

However, this morning I see that they advanced both of us to the next round, where we face Seattle Daily Photo. I understand that Metroblogging Georgetown wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt because of the problems that they had with their poll over the weekend. But I'm pretty sure Blogging Georgetown was on his way to victory last night, and that he deserved to win outright.

So, anyway, I would like to announce my support for Blogging Georgetown in this race. I'm going to vote for him, and you should too.

Even though it usually lacks photos (and occasionally humor), Blogging Georgetown is the best, and the most important, neighborhood blog by any non-professional blogger in Seattle. He covers not just Georgetown but the largely ignored areas of Seattle, like South Park and the rest of the Duwamish area. And he seems completely fearless about speaking plainly about things that others will only tiptoe around. I don't always agree with him, and his outspokenness can sometimes seem uncharitable, but I always admire his courage and frankness. And he's one of the few local writers whose 1,000-word screeds I will actually read all the way through.

So, again, thanks for your votes in the first round, but let's stop splitting the South End vote -- instead, let's get Blogging Georgetown into the next round.

Vote now for Blogging Georgetown!


swag said...

v. gracious.

Kim said...

Is this a performance art piece meant to set a positive example for the Democratic presidential candidate of your non-choice?