Friday, February 15, 2008

SE Seattle Pics at Good Taste Chronicles

Fellow Beacon Hill blogger Catalina Vel-DuRay has been going around Southeast Seattle snapping pictures of things that would already have been demolished in tonier parts of the city. Like the New Holly Safeway. And a cool-looking church that I believe is on Orcas in Hillman City, a little bit west of Rainier?

CvDR also posts YouTube clips that I would never have found otherwise. Like this.


chuck b. said...

Yeah, I'm forced to link to this.

Thank you, both.

chuck b. said...

I also like this video which YouTube suggests you watch after Think Pink ends.

chuck b. said...

omfg, hats!

roy said...

You're right about the church: St.Edward's (Catholic church) on Orcas. One other tidbit of info regarding the Safeway near New Holly. The Union Gospel Mission behind the Safeway used to be a Fred Meyer a long time ago; its stretching my memory, since I was in preschool or kinder at the time.