Thursday, March 27, 2008

Introducing the Ice House

Today Sabey unveiled its plans for the building that will replace the demolished Stock House in the Rainier Cold Storage Complex in Georgetown. It will house six shops/restaurants, and they're now looking for tenants to fill those spaces.


Sabey and Johnson Architects seemed to have taken the community's comments to heart -- they came up with a building with the bricks and arches that everyone was asking for. And, honestly, on its own, I think it's kind of cute. (And I'd dance a jig in the street if this was replacing one of the godawful buildings up here at Beacon and Columbian.)



But I still worry what it will look like next to the real deal. You don't get any sense of that from the two photos above, or this crude rendering of all the buildings lined up on the street together. (This drawing includes an old section of wall that may or may not be saved, while the drawings above do not. If they have to keep the wall, they will construct a new building behind it.)


The bricks, very similar but not quite the same. The arches, very similar but not quite the same. I'm not loving it. But I think the neighbors will be relieved that nothing crazy will be going up there. And that's good.

Update: Here's the P-I story about this.


Anonymous said...

i agree...i'm not loving it. it just doesn't seem right. it reminds me of downtown seattle...not goergetown. my next worry is what shops and resturants will occupy the retail space.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that the best case scenario is that it's not hated or awful. Too bad they couldn't take advantage and try something creative. I know, that doesn't pay the rent. The new design won't win any awards. I highly doubt anyone would ever landmark it. But it's not the worst which i guess is the best.

And yes, hopefully Sabey Inc will be mindful about their choice of tenants and not bring in chains or competing businesess.

la dele said...

I actually like it. It is hard to tell what it is going to ultimately look like from drawings. I am sure people were concerned each time another building was added to the brewery back in the day - but somehow they all seem to fit together.

I also like they are recycling the old ice trays into awnings on the new "ice house".

LM said...

I think the design is much improved. Great work by the community working with the developers.

DerekL said...

I can understand why you aren't loving it - at the end it really is just another generic faux brick building.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not great, but better than some of the crap they are trying to build in the Alaska Junction.