Saturday, March 1, 2008

Neighborhood Notes

Drive carefully, please. The victim (and, sounds like, cause) of a fatal car crash on MLK near Jefferson was a carpenter who lived on Beacon Hill. From today's P-I:

Jackson, 43, was driving a Mazda MX-6 on Martin Luther King Jr. Way near East Jefferson Street about 8:20 a.m. when he tried to make an illegal turn onto Temple Place and collided with a pickup, police said.

Jackson and his daughters were taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he died of his injuries.

The girls were upgraded to satisfactory condition Friday, hospital officials said. The driver of the pickup was treated for minor injuries, police said.

Relatives say Jackson — a carpenter who lived on Beacon Hill — was rushing to drop off his daughters, ages 10 and 7, at school in Madrona

Christian Restoration Center: just one big retail space? From a 2/26/08 e-mail from Jon Hager, the property manager:

The square footage as of now is just the entire bottom at just over 6,000 sq ft. To my knowledge there has not been discussions with anyone in regards to leasing out the space. We are still in the early stages as you know so the main goal is to get approval from the city on everything first.

With that said when submitting the paperwork with the city one thing is to set up a community meeting, I hear that there is one in the works, but the exact date hasn't been set. When I hear of it I will for sure pass it along to you.

Theater in the works at 13th and Shelton? I've been told there's a story in the latest Beacon Hill News about the development of a theater space at the old deVos corner store at 4951 13th Ave. S. Here's the MySpace page about it. The Beacon Hill News website doesn't seem to have last week's edition online yet, and I don't have a paper copy -- sorry!

Cerveza coming to El Quetzal? According to Jennifer, rumor has it that the El Quetzal owners have decided to make the world a better place -- apparently they're applying for a beer/wine license. I don't see them on the list of King County liquor license applications from the last 30 days, but maybe they applied some time ago.

What's up at Beacon and Hanford? Jennifer reports that the Soleil salon at Beacon and Hanford has closed (and that her cool neighbor has already emailed the Pagliacci's, Spiro's, and Mad Pizza joints asking them to look into moving into that space). What would you folks like to see there?

Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess coming to the North Beacon Hill Council meeting on Thursday at 7 at the library. I really should go to this -- I owe Tim Burgess an introduction at least. A few months ago, I was standing in front of him in a lunch line and he looked so familiar to me that I automatically said hi to him as if I actually knew him. Then I realized who he was, and that I'd never met him before, but I didn't bother explaining myself until later, over e-mail. Anyway, here's Judith Edwards's agenda for the meeting:

Tim is the chair of the Council's Public Safety, Human Services and Education committee and V. Chair of the Planning, Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee. I've asked him to tell us what his vision and goals are, and also to be available for Q&A. Following Tim's presentation is your opportunity to input to the Park's Department's selection of playground equipment for Jefferson Park. All our welcome, so come let your voices be heard! Thursday, March 6, Beacon Hill Library Community Room, 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

Knitting classes at Buggy. The cute little kids' store on Beacon is hosting a series of knitting classes, including a beginners class, for making cute little kids' things. Check out their website for full details, including price and dates.

In other girly class news... Alaska Silk Pie Co., just south of the Tully's headquarters on Airport Way, is offering a dessert-making class on March 8, at their bakery. The cost is $75, and everyone brings home a dessert. Read more about their offerings (and make yourself hungry) at their website,

And an administrative note. Sorry I haven't been good about posting or returning mail. I've been really horribly sick since Wednesday, when I missed the Manny's celebration at Jules Maes. (Which is why I didn't stop by FTB, either, Erika!)


Anonymous said...

I should add that my info about El Quetzal came from a neighbor who spoke with the couple who own the restaurant. I'll see if I can find out more details.

Anonymous said...

When did drinking make the world a better place? (teasing)

In some ways I hope El Quetzal geta the license and in some ways I don't. Even though I too like a glass of wine with dinner once in a 'blue' moon the place is very small. There are those that tend to get carried away at their meals, continue to drink, chat and forget about time, thereby taking up space for those that want to eat a decent meal, be courteous and respectful and leave in a reasonable amount of time to allow others to do the same; especially since they close at 8pm.

I was there last night (or was it the night before?) and there were two parties of 6 and 2 tables solo, ourselves and one other couple and it was packed. We were only there for 45 minutes...if some come in around 6pm with drinks they could stay the whole time! and a BIG party of 6 or more? I dunno?! Interestingly enough, they will have been on BH for 2 years come the 15th. Time flies.

However do see that Baja Bistro/Java Love is remodeling their 'dinner' space and putting in a stand-up type bar and should be open for business in about three weeks. They will still serve dinner, but just on the other side. I believe they are open until at least 9 now, but with the bar they may stay open longer on the weekends.

Wendi Dunlap said...

Pizza at Beacon and Hanford, absolutely! That's probably my number one wish now.

Allison said...

Thanks for the great updates! Very exciting stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am happy for El Quetzal's success and hope they do even MORE business! So many times I've driven by and it's been empty, so a crowded house is a good thing.

But I avoid Baja Bistro like the plague: the meanest waiter works there. We will never go back after the way he treated us.

Susan said...

When I last spoke to the owners of El Quetzal, they said they needed to install a second restroom for a liquor license. For those occasions when the food and service are less than par, my, a beer would make it all go down easier.

My thanks, too, for the local news briefs.