Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loretta's! (Or, South Park Is the New Georgetown)

Tonight we tried Loretta's, the new South Park burger tavern from the Nine Pound Hammer folks. (To find it, just head down the main drag until you see a bunch of white dudes standing outside, admiring each others' motorcycles.)


And I decided that every neighborhood needs three places just like this. (Beacon Hill doesn't even have one.)

Burgers, fries, steak, salad, beer.


Plus a little bit of liquor.


And pork, salmon, and soup.



They serve Roger's Pilsner, a rare treat.


The fries were the soggy kind, but really tasty.


And they put their salads on plates, not in baskets (thank you!).


We ate all our food.


(Which is OK because I'm finally starting to look pregnant and am just going to keep gaining weight no matter what, hurray!)



uppergeorgetowner said...

Can't wait to try Lorettas! Of course, have to ditch the kids to do that! Better enjoy it while you can! ;)

Anonymous said...

Now I want a burger!

I love Loretta's! Last time we were there Hawaiian music was spilling out of the vintage turntable!

Al and I split a burger - it was perfectly greasy and yummy good at the same time.

MMMM burger! (*and vodka too)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats, jva! // Yes, please Loretta's in Beacon Hill - maybe in that proposed retail/residential center across from McPherson's? We need more restaurants in Beacon Hill - the dim sum place by me is closed by 6 p.m. (no lie!!!)

JvA said...

A cool thing about Loretta's is that there's no division between the bar and the rest of the seating area. (Therefore, no kids allowed.)

I'm trying to keep mental notes of which places allow kids and which don't. Because once I have a kid, if we go and get a sitter, I'm damn well going to want to go to these places without other people's kids around!

uppergeorgetowner said...

absolutely agree. that's why I love going to stellar and sitting on the grownup side. I'll babysit for you.

JvA said...

I'll keep that offer in mind! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually the turntable is for show only. The music originates from Scott's Mac