Thursday, May 22, 2008


From today's P-I website:
Seattle police say they have suspect in groping cases

Seattle police detectives were looking Wednesday for a man they have identified as a suspect in the groping of more than 20 Asian women in South Seattle during the past two years, including another attack this week.

"We think we know who this guy is, and we think we're close to an arrest," police spokeswoman Renee Witt said.

A man who witnessed the latest attack Monday picked out the possible suspect's photo in a montage, which detectives were checking out. Witnesses also saw the attacker's 1994 Jeep Cherokee, which has provided a lead, Witt said.

UPDATE from the P-I:

Police arrest suspected groper

Seattle police have arrested a man they suspect groped a woman last week in South Seattle and may be responsible for some of the similar attacks on more than 20 women during the last two years.

At a news conference Thursday, police announced the arrest of the suspect, identified in court documents as Darin Boler. They said the assaults on the women may have been committed by more than one suspect.

The King County Prosecutor's Office said it had charged Boler with second-degree robbery and fourth-degree assault in the incident on Saturday, when a man was seen putting his hand under a woman's buttocks. She screamed and fled.

She remains unidentified. The robbery charge stems from a witness, whose cell phone Boler is accused of taking.

Court documents say Bolar is a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal history, including convictions for robbery and rape of a child. Prosecutors said they want him held on $500,000 bond.

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Anonymous said...

Damn - now the PI and the Times are reporting that investigators say he's not responsible for ALL the gropings and that there's still someone else out there. Which is all the more reason to not let our guard down. Ladies, make noise! Get mad! Scream! Show the creep(s) you won't tolerate this nor will you be passive. Some of the women on my bus have taken to walking with a bus-buddy; just because it's lighter out now doesn't mean we'll stop walking together. I'd hate to see anyone just roll over for a criminal like this. This groper-guy (guys, I should say) have been getting away with this for TOO long. Basta!