Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Letter to the P-I About Beacon Hill Misidentification

Looks like someone wrote in to complain about the P-I's misidentification of 14th and Ferdinand as "Rainier Valley":

If you check your map, you will find that the shooting reported on May 7 occurred near 14th and Ferdinand, clearly on Beacon Hill, nowhere near Rainier Valley. In case you're still geographically challenged, 14th Avenue is about 10 blocks west of Beacon Avenue, and much closer to the Duwamish Valley than Rainier Valley. While all our South End neighborhoods often get lumped together as "South Seattle," we would appreciate accuracy as to the specific neighborhood of these unfortunate events.

Tristin Pagenkopf
(Hillman City)

Thanks, Tristin!


Chris said...


You ought to tag these posts "misidentification" so you can keep track of them all.

litlnemo said...

People from North Seattle see SE Seattle as one big blur. To the average North Seattleite mind, SE Seattle is like this:

if SE Seattle, then Rainier Valley
if Rainier Valley, then BAD
if NOT BAD, then Seward Park. Or maybe Mount Baker.
Beacon Hill? Never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, its thanks to you/your blog that I took the time to write. Crime update: According to the SPD outreach officer who came to the Hillman City Neighborhood Assoc. mtg Tues. night, the house where that shooting occurred is a known problem house (narcotics), and the people involved are all known to SPD. In other words, it wasn't random. Another surprising fact: every neighborhood in Seattle has approx. the same number of reported incidents per month (+/-200). and there is so little gang activity that the gang unit was disbanded in favor of a better outreach program.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of gang units - Chief Sealth trail has a lot of "Bloods territory" graffiti lately. Right behind houses.