Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Couple Beacon Avenue Shots from 3/22/07

The lovely little Galaxie coffeehouse. Inside, the owner is painting a sky-view mural of all the property lines on Beacon Hill. I asked him if he'd get as far south as the haunted Comet Lodge Cemetery near my house, and he said yes (though that would probably be on the cabinet instead of the wall). I'll get an indoor shot sometime, promise. Maybe today--the prosciutto, fig, and goat cheese baguette sandwiches they recently added to their menu sound amazing.

And El Quetzal, the delicious little Mexican place. The owner's from Mexico City and makes really simple, tasty dishes. The only thing that place needs is a liquor license! The TV/VCR/etc. repair shops next door has my favorite sign in the whole neighborhood. It's lovingly hand-painted, and I believe all the words are spelled right.

OK, I'll throw in one more, although this one may not properly reflect this post's "appealing" tag. Here's a townhouse going up on 15th Avenue South, I think. Hopefully once 20 or so more of these go up, Beacon Hill will get the wine bar of my dreams. And that's a very appealing prospect, indeed.


chuck b. said...

That's your car in front of the Galaxie, right?

JvA said...

Nope, but we usually do drive a little silver car -- a dirty and dented Toyota Echo (one of the most fuel-efficient non-hybrids ever mass-produced, yay) and a giant old Buick that we got as a gift. I think the most beautiful car in the whole world is the El Camino.