Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Own Weedy Little Yard

After visiting Cistus and the Faerie Gardens, my front yard seemed especially neglected and sparse. But some of the plants are looking pretty fine, despite their weedy company.

Pretty rosemary.

The alliums are pushing their way through the chocolate sedge.

I'm not sure what this plant is, but it's exploding most beautifully.

Let's take a closer look.

This Euphorbia never lets me down, bless its heart.

I forgot what this perennial is called. I forgot that I even had it until today. It wasn't there when I left for the weekend on Friday morning. I remember when I bought it last summer at the Faerie Gardens, another customer told me not to even bother with it, because the slugs would eat it right away. But it did pretty well. I think our parking strip may get too dry for slugs.

And I forgot what this guy is called too.

Can anyone tell me what this red ground cover is called? I'd like to get more of it, but I'm not sure what to ask for.

Looks like the Red Dragon is coming back! This got really big last year.

The Miscanthus sinensis is coming back too, hurray! Pictured here with the evil Oxalis at its base. I think I loathe Oxalis more than I loathe English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, and morning glory. The Oxalis in our yard spits at us. And those little seeds hurt, when hurled at you from all around. Hate hate hate that stuff.

Cute Carex. It's looked like this all winter long.

And my faithful friend, Helictotrichon sempervirens. It's getting bluer and greener. Lovely!


chuck b. said...

Alliums and chocolate sedge sounds really nice together.

JvA said...

I hope so! To tell you the truth, the reason I threw the alliums in the planter with the sedge is because that was the easiest place to dig. Apparently the bulbs got stuck in customs, and by the time they got to me, the weather had turned very nasty, and I had no patience for digging in the cold rain.

But yeah, the blue/purple/brown combination (I think I planted both the purple gladiator and a smaller blue kind in there) should be pretty, if the wind doesn't end up knocking those fat alliums over. I should have chosen a more protected site for them, but, again, I'm a horribly lazy gardener.