Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This Morning's Walk from First Hill to Downtown

Let's start at the Frye, the free art museum that is supposed to be wonderful.

I am the vine, you are the branches. (Did Jesus really say that?)

Crisp and clean and no caffeine.

I'd hoped to get a better shot of this, but then I noticed the proprietor was standing just inside the door, waiting for me to finish so he could open the door. He asked me if I liked the mannequins and I said yes, very much.

Does anyone else hate brightly painted aggregate planters? Maybe I'll suggest a new slogan to the local governments: "Let stone be stone--just leave it alone." No worse than "Say WA" or "Metronatural," if you ask me.

Crossing the River 5.

The library.

Seattle's zillion new high-end condo developments all have these ridiculous taglines, like "Homes That Speak to Urban Living." Since when have construction projects had slogans, anyway?

You see these all over town now. I'm on the city's Planning and Development mailing list, but I can't keep up.

This old church is coming down. The developers are going to pay the Methodists big bucks to move elsewhere. Downtown Seattle may be unrecognizable soon.

Good question. Money?

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