Friday, May 11, 2007

Allium Photos from Yesterday

Nothing exciting to report. I'm enjoying my alliums, which are peaking just about now.


We're getting our roof replaced. That's the roofing truck in the background.


Honeybee. Here's to your health, little pollinator!


I'm also liking this planter. I usually go for minimalist planter arrangements, with a single specimen in each. (Or two, if the planter is 3 feet wide, like the Allium/Carex one.) I know that planters are supposed to be plentiful, so I tried stuffing this one for a change.



Chris said...

Ara Jane has just turned me on to alliums! I love it.

chuck b. said...

They say to plant globe-y alliums with plants that flower in tall spires for a neat-o effect. That sounds kinda penis-y when I write it out like that, but I've seen it in garden magazines, and it wasn't penis-y at all.

JvA said...

I recently read the same thing. And I decided that I wanted to do just that. I hadn't considered the possibility of a phallic effect. Funny.