Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hat and Boots (Oxbow Park)

Here's the pair of cowboy boots at Oxbow Park on Corson Street in Georgetown.


Hopefully someday they'll have enough money to fix up the hat as well.


There's a community garden in the park as well. I had hoped to get a better picture of this girl's hair, which almost perfectly matches the flowers on that bush in the background.


Hat and Boots used to be a Texaco station, which opened in 1954. A postcard from the time reads: "The site of the worlds largest cowboy boots and hat by E. Marginal Way and Corson. Colorfully designed by Louie Nasmyth, stitch for stitch and wrinkle by wrinkle in structural steel and concrete." ( says his first name is actually "Lewis.") The station closed in 1988.


In December 2003, Hat and Boots were moved to the park after languishing behind a chain-link fence for 15 years.

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