Monday, May 14, 2007

Sculpted Basalt, Giant Rice Paper Plant

About a month ago I talked about getting some basalt for my birthday. But we've decided to wait on that. We're having an architect draw up some sketches for possibilities for our house, and I don't want to make any other two-ton decisions yet.

But I'm still looking at basalt. My husband got lost in South Park a couple months ago and came across this yard. He took me to see it on Saturday.






When I took these photos, we also talked to the guy who lived there (who was getting out of his car). His landlord, John Hoge, sculpted these pieces.

And I realize just now, I saw this work of his just today in the International District. I saw it and wondered if it was his, and now I know that it is.

I'm sure you've noticed that once you know what something is, suddenly it starts registering for you, all the time.

For instance, now that I know of the giant rice paper plant, I see it everywhere.

Like at Oxbow (Hat & Boots) Park (on the same block as Georgetown Castle).


And just down the street from me.


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