Wednesday, November 7, 2007

El Quetzal

Beacon Hill is home to El Quetzal, which serves some of the best Mexican food in Seattle.



But I rarely go here because their beverage list is not extensive enough for me.


Hey, I happen to like beer with my chips and salsa; that's no crime. But since last night I drank enough cerveza por dos noches, El Quetzal sounded perfect.



And it was.

This fried corn huarache contains black beans layered within the dough. It's amazing.





chuck b. said...

I usually try to avoid sour cream (in fact, I could eat it by the spoonful from a pint container), but that huarache looks mighty tasty.

That beverage list is unsatisfactory, but I think it's cute they offer milk and apple juice. I don't know what sidral mundet is. Should I?

vw: tryxuhqg--tricks you hug.

femurface said...

I love that place. The tortas son MUY grandes.

LM said...

I have been told that because they are a "family" restaurant- they won't get a beer and wine license- I wish they would change their minds.

JvA said...

Yeah, I talked to him once about getting a liquor license, and he said it was too expensive. Dang.

Sidral Mundet is a Mexican apple drink, apparently. I had Diet Coke. said...

Horchata is good enough for me, and they've got that!