Tuesday, November 13, 2007

View Protection at Jefferson Park?

A while back, a couple friends of mine and I met with Peter Steinbrueck to see if he'd support view protection legislation for Jefferson Park. He said he did, but things took a while to actually get underway.


Then Saturday night, at my husband's birthday party, I heard rumors that Steinbrueck had gotten the proposal heard at some City Council committee meeting. (Yeah, things can get pretty crazy at our house!)

Dude, check it out!

Thank you, Peter! I'm thrilled that you care enough about the South End to make protecting its views part of your City Council legacy. If you ever decide to make a run for mayor, you've certainly got my vote.


Anonymous said...

Great! Of course he's going to run for mayor. When is the election, in two years? -- Pat

John said...

Pretty sure Steinbrueck is out:


...which is too bad; was looking forward to a Fisken vs Steinbrueck race, after nickels got bumped out of the primary...

Anonymous said...

He'll run. -- Pat