Sunday, November 18, 2007

Offbeat Homes

In case any Offbeat Homes readers come to this blog after reading about it in Jennifer's super-nice post, I want to point you to some old posts you might be interested in. This blog is a badly tagged mish-mash of neighborhood items, photo essays about plants and drinks, and personal diatribes, and you might not otherwise find the good stuff.

(An aside to everyone else: I've been really busy with work lately and will continue to be busy through Christmas, so I haven't had much time/energy for fun stuff, like stalking local gardening celebrities or attending Hangar Cafe's grand opening party last night. I promise to return to my paparazzi party-crashing ways in January.)

Anyway, here's a list of some posts with lots of photos of offbeat homes and other cool spaces:

1. Dick and Jane's Spot in Ellensburg, Washington. A cool couple's crazy art yard.


2. Rich Art's Yard in Centralia, Washington. An even cooler dude's even crazier art yard.


3. Bridge Motel in Seattle, Washington. Some artists threw a party at a soon-to-be-demolished motel on the old interstate in Seattle.


4. The Brew House section of the old Rainier Cold Storage complex in Seattle, Washington. A beautiful turn-of-the-century brewery structure that will soon be renovated.


5. Little & Lewis's Garden Art Gallery on Bainbridge Island, Washington.


6. My artist friends' awesome house here in Seattle.


Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

The Bridge Motel! My husband and I go by it often as the bus route we take goes there. I was always intrigued by this motel that was in the middle of a suburb.

My husband ended up going to that party the artists had there. He said it was so crowded there were long lineups for every room. I guess he should have gone earlier!

Each subsequent weekend when the bus approached the hotel we would take bets about whether it had been torn down yet. It stayed up for quite a while, but last Saturday (Nov 17) it was a pile of rubble with a bulldozer sitting on top of the mess and 2 huge garbage bins.

The end of an era! That's neat that your parents stayed there!


lisa said...

Nice tour! Somehow my yard seems naked now...

Jennifer said...

Your artist friends home is amazing. I don't usually go for interiors that seem dark but even with the dark elements I loved this house especially all the tiny touches like rocks spilling off the bigger rock. Very nice. I also loved the view. Higher up Oregon and Washington homes always have the view going for them.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I also meant to say thanks for the link back :)